Can I purchase direct from IDEON?
If you are a commercial furniture dealer you may contact your local IDEON representative about how to become an authorized dealer. Exemplis does not sell direct to the general public.


How do I place an order?
We must receive a formal purchase order on your company's form or letterhead. Submit either by fax, to (714) 220-1000 or email us at


What is standard lead time?
Standard lead time for IDEON products is 10 days.


Is there a minimum order size?
No minimum order is required. However, there may be additional shipping charges for orders of less than three pieces. Please see the IDEON Freight Program for details.


Are there any freight charges for our orders?
There is a $95 net fee for 1-2 pieces. There is no freight charge for 3 or more pieces.


Will Call Information
6280 Artesia Blvd
Buena Park, CA 90620
(888) 274-8664

9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

Driver can park in dock door #00 or #01 between 9:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM. If driver is running late, contact Customer Support so we can notify Shipping Dept. Driver can press the call button if gate is closed.

Where on the website can I find grades for fabrics and test results?
You can see fabric grades and test results in our Textile Compatibility on the IDEON website.


What size memo sample should I send in when testing is required?
The memo sample must be 12x12 inches.


Who can I contact to help me with SPIFF registrations or SPIFF claim status?
Please send SPIFF questions to


What are the standard stain options?
Standard stain options are S1 Clear Maple, S3 Medium Cherry, S5 Amber Mahogany and S8 Espresso.


What is the carrier tracking information for my order?
Find this information by logging on to access the dealer portal or by calling Customer Service at (877) 994-3366.


How do I resolve my order with an Incomplete or Price Hold?
You may contact Customer Experience at (877) 994-3366 or by emailing


Can I get a list price?
List prices for all our products are found in our Jan 17, 2017 price book.


What grade is this fabric and is it approved for this chair?
Our Textile Compatibility Tool is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in finding what fabrics are approved on what products and what grades they are. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact IDEON at (877) 994-3366.


Where do I send COM/COL?
Send COM to:
IDEON COM/COL Department
6280 Artesia Blvd
Buena Park, Ca 90620

Find this information in our COM/COL Form & Information guide.

If you need an editable electronic version, please contact the Customer Service team at (877) 994-3366 and they will email it to you.


What is the warranty?
Please refer to our warranty page for details. The following is a general outline of the warranty time frames and associated products:

10-Year Warranty - the entire time owned by the original purchaser for all chair components including glides, casters, frames and other structural elements.

10-Year Warranty - the entire time owned by the original end user.

Fabric & Foam
5 Year Warranty - on all collections COM/COL not warranted for wear or long-term adhesion.  Normal wear and tear is the specifier's responsibility.