High Traffic. Low Stress.

With increased seat height and a footrest, the Aviera Metal hip chair provides a comfortable sitting experience for those with joint ailments. Easy access when getting in and out of lobby/lounge furniture found in high-traffic areas is the hallmark of the Aviera Metal hip chair.

Aviera Metal hip chair, SitOnIt Seating Element Chalk, polyurethane arm caps, silver metallic finish 


Aviera Metal hip chair, Momentum Silica Leather Dove seat, Momentum Chipper Alabaster back, polyurethane arm caps, taupe finish

  • Higher seat (24.5")
  • Elevated footrest with a non-slip textured surface
  • Field replaceable parts
  • Steel frame construction
  • Wall-saver design
  • Clean-out space
  • 350 lb. weight capacity

Metal Frame Finishes

Available in graphite, silver metallic or taupe metal aluminum frame.


Silver metallic


Arm Caps

Available in polyurethane, 4 wood finishes and a stain-to-match wood finish.


Clear maple wood

Medium cherry wood

Amber mahogany wood

Espresso wood

Arm Styles

Available as open or insert arm styles.

Open arms

Arm inserts

Product Info

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